To Faneromeni belongs the beautiful and well-known monastery Panagia Kaliviani. The first church of “Zoodochou Pigis” was built in Byzantine times. Nowadays is Kaliviani a sanctuary. It is like a Christian state, with orphanages, old people’s homes, sewing schools, weaving-mills, boarding schools, museums etc. Kalivia is just like a beehive of peace, altruism, brotherhood and love for each other. Therefore Kalivia is awarded with an important price from the Athens academy. Every year at the15th of Augustus there is a big party Kalivia. In Faneromeni you can find the cave of Gavala. At the 8th of September a holy miss is held in Gavala, afterwards is a party, also at the 17th of Januari, the day of the holy Antonios, protector of  Faneromeni.






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