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This is one of the oldest, most important and most well-known cities from prehistoric times.  Here is found the important Discus of Festos. This discus is at both sides written, archaeologists are not able to decipher the texts until now. Festos was in Minoan times a very large territory which even included the islands of Paximadia (named then Lito) Festos was large and independent and had his own government, they even had there own coins. Festos did participate at the Trojan war, with Idomeneas as leader, together with other Cretan cities.  At 200 before Christ Festos was totally ruined by Gortys In Festos did rule the dynasty of Radamathis, in Knossos it was the dynasty of Minos. At the foot of Festos is Gerontomilos: “Old mill”, it is a traditional Cretan watermill.



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