A Holiday Home in Southern Crete

View from the top of the house (left) and from the gate, entering the yard (below).
About the house itself:  A very old one, entirely restored by the owner, it is built on 2 levels, and is completely isolated. That means, that when the yard gate is closed, a young child cannot wander-off on its own. The house is L-shaped. In front of it, is the yard/garden, to the North (with the view).
Part of it is paved with stone, and part of it is a small lawn. There are also some flower-borders, planted with aromatic herbs as well as flowers.



Sitting around the kitchen table (left) and view of the living room couch, with the “corridor” to the second bedroom (below).


On the house's ground floor (on the short leg of the L), is the kitchen/dining room and fireplace (with independent door to the yard), which is about 4m x 7m. It is fully equipped (except for dish-washer and microwave oven).

View of the living room and stairs to the upper level (left).

Please note that the fireplace is built to heat the entire house, as it is "closed", meaning that combustion is controlled, and the heat it generates warms the main bedrooms upstairs as well as the living room. There is also an ample supply of firewood. The rest of the ground floor is occupied by the living-room/study (3,5m x 5,5m), with the house's main entrance door, and the bathroom/WC (2m x 3m).

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Bernard Kesselring

:++30-6946 596087

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 Eva Kesselring-Halikias

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